One more thing... two iPod touch prototypes with camera briefly show up on eBay

Another day, another Apple leak. This time it's an eBay double whammy of the camera-donning iPod touch, which appears to be of the same design from August but now with iPod branding on the back. Better yet, the two devices bear the prototype identification codes "DVT-1" and "DVT-2" ("DVT" stands for "design verification test" in Apple-speak, according to Daring Fireball), while the DVT-2 model wears an extra bar code label seemingly stamped by the "Apple Development Team." What's interesting is that the model number "A1318" at the bottom matches the current iPod touch's, which may suggest the camera feature was ditched just before the current line went into mass production, or that we may see this variant as a minor update instead of a redesigned iPod touch in the coming months. We tried to verify using the FCC ID "BCGA1318," only to be let down by a kaput FCC database -- we'll give it another spin later. Unsurprisingly, the eBay listing was quickly taken down, but it's not like any mere mortal could've gotten much use out of that Transformer-themed (and familiar-looking) "SwitchBoard" test-bed software -- maybe it was a displeased Michael Bay who killed the auction. A couple of backside shots after the break.

[Thanks, Sam]