Dell Sparta and Athens netbooks, Looking Glass Pro and Streak variants teased on Android roadmap

Good morning to you too, Dell! Android Central's just gotten hold of yet another leak from the Texan computer giant, only this time we have two new Android or Linux (as suggested by the Tux icon) Moblin devices. First, we have the Sparta "netbook tablet" featuring an 11-inch 1024 x 768 TFT display, ARM processor, optional connectivity modules (3G, WiFi, Bluetooth) and a unique swivel mechanism -- the screen appears to be rotatable within its frame. The second device is the Athens sub-0.9kg (1.98 pounds) netbook sporting the same screen size, ARM processor and optional connectivity modules. If all goes well, the Sparta and Athens should be launched in early and late Autumn respectively, but there's a lot more so keep reading after the break.

Update: thanks for pointing out the Moblin logo, thoughtmonster!

Another semi-new device is the 7-inch Looking Glass Pro Android tablet, which appears to be just the Looking Glass with an "HD screen" and digital TV tuner by default. The dotted line around this variant's roadmap window suggests its Q1 2011 release date isn't set in stone (if it ever comes out, that is). Regardless, we're rather puzzled by a couple of spots here: the 800 x 600 resolution contradicts with the 800 x 480 in the slides we received, and likewise with the August-October launch window here rather than the November launch date that we were told.

Last but not least, it looks like the Streak will be released in at least three flavors -- the US (T-Mobile) and European (Vodafone) variants coming in the summer, and a Chinese version shipping in Q4. All three major carriers in China -- China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile -- are abbreviated here, so maybe we'll see three sub-variants to cater the three 3G radios.

Now, we're not saying these dates are solid -- the previously-mentioned contradictions plus other bits and pieces here ("Bender" is the old name for ASTRO the file management app; "Windows Mobile" instead of "Windows Phone 7"; Moblin instead of MeeGo) are tell-tale signs that this is an old roadmap, but hey, at least we get to have a glimpse at the two new netbooks.