BlackBerry Pearl 3G video hands-on

Observe, the rare BlackBerry Pearl 3G feeding in its natural habitat. Just look at the majestic display of vibrant colors as it attempts to court the journalist in a mating dance never before captured on camera! All kidding aside though, here's a quick look at the user interface on the 20-key version of the Pearl 3G; it's stock OS 5.0, so you're not really going to notice anything fresh here, but what we did see worked smoothly and without delay -- the delightful result of pairing a responsive optical pad, 624MHz processor, and what we would assume is a pretty well-optimized build of the platform. As we mentioned earlier, we're pretty sure the keyboards on these things are going to be a polarizing experience for users -- some will love them, others will hate them, still others will tolerate them at first and grow used to them over time. To be fair, the peak-shaped keys are probably an improvement over flat keyboards of Pearls gone by; when you've got five keys per row on a fairly narrow body, you need all the tactile help you can get. For some reason, we weren't able to connect to RIM's open WiFi network with the particular unit we were given -- the Bold 9650 next to it fared just fine, so we're not sure if the 802.11n-capable radio in this bad boy is a little dodgier than its cousin, but it's definitely something to keep an eye on. Follow the break for the video.