Police investigating lost iPhone prototype raid Gizmodo editor's home

The backstory of the lost fourth-gen iPhone prototype acquired by Gizmodo last week is certainly already the stuff of some legend, but hold on tight, because it just got even wilder: Giz editor Jason Chen's house was apparently raided by California's REACT computer crimes task force under the authority of a search warrant on Friday night and his computers and several other items were seized. That means a criminal investigation led by the San Mateo police and district attorney is almost certainly in full swing, which is, well, crazy. As you know, we published images of the iPhone prototype last Saturday, so we're tracking this story as closely as we know all of you are. For now hang tight and we'll share more info as we get it.

Update: TechCrunch reports that the investigation is on hold for now following claims by Gawker that Chen should be protected under California's Shield Laws, meant to help protect journalists from revealing sources. The District Attorney will reportedly reevaluate whether those laws do apply, and as such will not go through the seized possessions until a decision's been reached in the coming days.