Pentax Optio M90 compact shows that VGA isn't dead

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|04.28.10

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Pentax Optio M90 compact shows that VGA isn't dead
Pentax Option M90 compact shows that VGA isn't dead
Image sensors keep getting more and more pixels shoved onto their tiny surfaces, but still VGA video capture just won't die. The latest to extend its legacy is the Pentax Optio M90, a 12.1 megapixel compact that gathers light through a 5x (28-140mm equivalent) lens up front and records to SD/SDHC cards. It naturally sports all the fancy smile- and blink-detection modes you'd expect in a little shooter, plus a so-called Copy mode, which pledges to somehow make it act like a hand-held scanner. We're intrigued, but the lack of HD video capture is a definite bummer. Neither price nor specific availability have been announced, but we're going to guess cheapish and soon.
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