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Bookeen's upgraded, colorful Cybook Opus to debut on May 7

We were promised a color-loving version of the diminutive Cybook Opus and here's the delivery of said pledge. Coming in seven new shades to match its May 7 release date, the newly revised Cybook Opus boasts instant-on functionality, a new Boo Reader software that helps to optimize battery life, and a category-best 12 font sizes. It's still a monochrome E Ink display -- 800 x 600 pixels -- and memory hasn't budged up from the 1GB on its predecessor, but at least the opening price has dipped down to a £149 ($199 in USA) RRP. When you consider 150 books come preloaded on the device, it's almost like Bookeen is giving the hardware away for free. It's not, but that's as good a rationalization as any other. Full PR after the break.%Gallery-92018%

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On May 7, Cybook OPUS comes in 7 new colours with upgraded features, for the ultimate in eBook democratization!

Lovers of literature had already adopted Cybook Opus' dimensions, ergonomics, featherweight 150 grams and extensive battery life. But now, after consulting with users all over the world, Bookeen has further revised its reader's looks and performance to better address the needs of a wider, more demanding audience. Digital reading is a newfound pleasure and freedom: carry all of your documents and read them anywhere, with greater comfort, without worrying about battery life. The truly pocketable library that follows you everywhere is now available in seven new trendy colours and with enhanced features.

Bookeen's Cybook Opus is now definitely the best eBook Reader of its kind: thanks to the very latest E-Ink electronic ink technology, its screen offers the most comfortable reading experience, comparable to paper. Cybook Opus can be read in all conditions: indoors or in direct sunlight - unlike multimedia pads which, like backlit Swiss army knives, can't stand the light of day and last for hours rather than weeks...

With its new Boo Reader software, battery life is further enhanced. And now, thanks to instant-reading technology, you don't even need to wait 15 seconds to start up the device: "I press, I read, it's instant... it's a book!" Cybook Opus suits anyone's eyesight and tastes: with 12 font sizes (Bookeen is the only brand with such an extensive choice), 4 levels of greyscale and even a choice of different font styles. It is also fitted with an accelerometer, to automatically switch from landscape to portrait, or just to change hands.

This truly portable library can carry up to 1000 titles - and now even 8000 titles more with an optional microSD card. It offers more than 15 days battery life on a single charge – or once every 8500 pages viewed. Its ultra-fast chip allows fast page turning and menu navigation. And as it's compatible with most major online booksellers, Cybook Opus, renowned for its ease of use, can be enriched with millions of classics or recent bestsellers in a couple of clicks. On May 7, the new-look, enriched-feature Cybook Opus will come in 7 colours: black, silver, blue, red, pink, green and orange.

Recommended retail price: 149£ tax-inclusive (includes 150 free titles).

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An extensive choice of digital titles

The Cybook Opus is fully compatible with all major online digital bookstores:, BooksOnBoard, WeltBild, MVB, Waterstone's...Over 200,000 titles are commercially available to download, including back-catalogue works as well as many bestsellers and new releases. Every genre is represented - from thrillers to political pamphlets to non-fiction guides. In addition, notably through Google Books, the Cybook Opus offers access to more than one million public-domain classics in every language. They are available to download free of charge.