Aika's service restriction problems have happy ending for existing players

When Aika's service restriction first hit, it was less an example of malice and more of poor timing working in all the worst ways. The game had always been meant for just North American players under gPotato's administration, but the European players who had spent money in the cash shop and subsequently gotten locked out of the game were... well, to say they were unhappy would be a thunderous understatement. But the team behind the game kept working on the issue, and they managed to come up with a compromise solution.

An official announcement has just gone live restating that players outside North America will not be able to register to play Aika. However, players who had registered on or before April 7th will be able to continue playing, regardless of their location. That means that anyone affected by the sudden change in service restriction will be able to resume where they had left off, with all their cash shop purchases intact. It's an elegant and equitable solution, and our hats go off to the team for ensuring that players weren't completely shafted by an ex post facto ruling.