Caption Contest: Justin Bieber is an eenie meenie miney mo lova... of the Sony Dash

Here's a little inside baseball on why yours truly typically works alone at night: when in control, I give writers some, erm, creative mandates. Such as watching an entire Justin Bieber / Sean Kingston music video to contribute to this caption contest... but not telling them when exactly the Sony Dash and Sony Ericsson X10 make their respective cameos. Blatant abuse of authority? Probably, but as we sow, so shall you reap. The unfortunately US-only music video (and a picture of Kingston totally geeking out on subpar smartphone technology) after the break.

Nilay: "Is there a widget that alerts me when I'm not a trending topic?"
Ross: "You don't need to roll the dice... there's already a widget for that."
Chris: "It's small, fits in any decor, and makes a great gift for mom. The Sony Dash also appears in the video."
Joanna: "The stars, err, prepubescent boys are just like us: they'd rather play with tech than party."
Richard Lai: "This Sony Dash should make.believe I've reached puberty."
Sean H: "Not trying to rewind... I've just got to turn down the color temperature, it's ruining my tan."
Sam: "Meh, by the time I reach puberty this thing is going to be obsolete."
Tim: "I'm glad you're not a real Chumby. This way I'm still the cuddliest thing in the room."
Thomas: "Who the hell is Justin Bieber?"
Paul: "And I was like baby, baby, baby ohhh, baby, baby... oh, were we supposed to come up with something funny here?

[Thanks, Kristopher Piersiak]