Lala closing on May 31st, web songs and unused credit will head to iTunes

Can't say we're too surprised -- after all, it does somewhat compete with new management -- but still, we're quite sad to see that as of May 31st, Lala is closing its music-streaming doors to the world, and no new users will be accepted. Existing users, however, can take solace in some pretty nice parting gifts. According to the site, all money spent purchasing web songs -- soon to be rendered null and void by a loss of service -- will convert to iTunes credit. Ditto for wallet balances and unredeemed gift cards, although with those you can get a refund via check, if you choose to. As for the future of its staff, well, we're still waiting to see all the fruits of Apple's acquisition. In the meantime, crank your speakers, raise them high over your head, and let's make this month count.

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