Hook, Line and Stinker: My failed Nier review

I played four long hours of Nier with the full intention of completing a review of the game. But after reaching the point you see in the video above, I, in my capacity as reviews editor, decided that it was inadvisable to continue with that plan. I have a beloved wife and cat that depend on my continued sanity and a TV that I can't currently afford to replace, should I be prompted to put it through my living room window.

What I played of Nier up to this point had some nice touches, like solid music and voice acting, but the game felt a generation or two behind what I'd hope for in an open-world action-RPG, specifically in terms of graphics and mission design. Also, the design team was seemingly in dire need of staff members in possession of human souls.

You know, so, just something to remember for Nier 2: Souls.

Protip: There's another beach that's not the beach right next to the old dude that gives you the fishing pole. I ended up trying that spot and catching the fish. But by then, the damage was done, and my spirit had been broken, sadly.