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Nokia launches Ovi App Wizard, will probably lead to Ovi-population problems

Nokia's Ovi Store may still be seriously losing in the app war to Apple and Google, but something tells us Espoo's betting on its new Ovi App Wizard to help it gain some ground. Putting mobile software creation in the hands of the code-illiterate, the auto-generated application wizard lets anyone -- and we mean anyone -- turn any RSS or Atom feed out there into an app, and publish it to the Ovi Store. Surprisingly, it really is that simple. While we could have made a personal app with our Twitter and Facebook feed, we went ahead and finally made an Ovi Engadget app by simply going to and going through the four step process -- we put in all three RSS feeds, uploaded our logos, tweaked the colors and hit publish. According to Nokia it should only take 24 hours for the app to be approved -- yes, there's some sort of approval process -- but we're still waiting for our app to show up in the storefront so we can download it on our N97. There's the ability to serve up third party ads, but you'll have to prove that you own the content you've placed in your app. Again, super simple, but we're a bit wary of the sorts of apps that will start to pop up, and not sure we need everyone's own personal feeds/sites overtaking the store. But we'll let you be the judge of that -- go on, hit the read link, create an app, and Ovi-populate. %Gallery-92180%