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Average iPad app price is $1 more than iPhone apps

Here's some more interesting stats about app pricing. We've heard pricing average stats before, including that the average app price seems to be hovering right around three dollars. But a firm in the Netherlands has done some more research into current iPad and iPhone app prices, and discovered that while iPhone apps average out at $3.87 (slightly higher than most estimates, but still in that $3 range), iPad apps are actually hitting an average of $4.67, almost a dollar more than iPhone versions.

That's both good and bad news for developers -- while it does mean that iPad apps are releasing and selling at higher prices (something most developers believe should be the case, given the amount of work and design that goes into iPad apps versus their smaller-screen cousins), those prices aren't that much higher. Apple specifically priced their iPad apps at $9.99 after selling their iPhone game at $4.99, and if they wanted that to be the early standard for the iPad, it doesn't quite appear the plan is working out.

Still, an extra buck is better than nothing, and as always, developers should sell their apps for what they think they're worth anyway. The firm, Distimo, also says that 80% of iPad apps are paid (compared to the iPhone's 73%), and medical and financial applications are the most expensive, averaging out at $42.11 and $18.48, way higher than the iPhone's $10.74 and $5.74 averages for the same categories. So while the prices may differ, there's no questions that developers are charging more (and getting more) for applications on the iPad.