Flying Finn Juha Kankkunen demonstrates Nokia's Car Kit CK-200 (video)

More and more cars offer integrated Bluetooth from the factory, but absolutely none offer an integrated Juha Kankkunen. The four-time World Rally Champion isn't even an option at any manufacturer that we know of, but regardless of make and model you can add a little Bluetooth integration with Nokia's CarKit CK-200. It's a display that sits on your dashboard and connects to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, and through the wireless controller that clips onto your steering wheel (at right above) you can navigate contacts, make calls, and even scroll through text messages. We're not so sure about the texting part, but it should be a great way to enable hands-free calling from one device and Bluetooth music streaming from another at the same time, if that's your thing. Not sold? The video after the break of Kankkunen doing his thing in a rally-prepped VW while taking calls will make you a convert. You know what they say: if it's good enough for Juha, it's good enough for you-a.