HTC Legend coming to AT&T, according to FCC

That ugly, pixelated label doesn't really look like much, does it? Ah, but there's so much going on here! A closer examination reveals that the label is a dead ringer for the label found underneath the endcap of HTC's lovely unibody aluminum Legend -- but this isn't exactly the Legend with which we're already well acquainted. Instead, this FCC filing is for a phone that operates on the 850 and 1900MHz WCDMA bands, a pretty strong sign that it'll be coming to AT&T (and / or Rogers, Bell, and Telus) at some point. Further evidence lies in the FCC ID itself: the original Legend bears an ID of PB76100, while this puppy is the awfully similar PB76110. Sure, it's no gigahertz-class, WVGA ultraphone, but we've got to admit -- the Legend's sexy enough to have us a little excited.