Adobe decries Apple's 'walled garden,' yet pledges 'best tools' for HTML5

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|05.05.10

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Adobe decries Apple's 'walled garden,' yet pledges 'best tools' for HTML5
Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch says Flash works just fine on the Apple iPhone, thank you very much -- and he thinks that's exactly why Apple keeps on denying it access. Speaking at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, he explained his belief that by eliminating Flash, Cupertino is forcing developers to build apps natively for iPhone OS rather than one of Adobe's cross-platform solutions, and thus creating a "walled garden" of applications that users must flock to an iDevice to be able to use. Lynch compared Apple's control over development formats to 19th century railroad lines that competed for customers by using differently sized rails, and pledged that Adobe would not be part of such a competition. "It's not HTML vs. Flash -- they've been co-existing for over a decade," he said, adding, "We're going to try and make the best tools in the world for HTML5." So, what do you think about that, Steve?
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