Fujifilm's FinePix F80EXR reviewed: mo' megapixels mo' problems

You all know the deal: the quest for higher numbers to put on stickers on the front of cameras hasn't necessarily resulted in a similarly exponential increase in image quality. If you needed more proof, check out Photography Blog's review of the Fujifilm FinePix F80EXR, an upgrade to last-year's compact 10x superzoom F70EXR. This year's revision get's a 20 percent boost in the all-important megapixel count, up to 12, but the sensor "delivers slightly worse image quality than its predecessor." That's not a good start, but the rest is better, with the camera's dynamic range shooting mode earning high marks, and the body's overall design and compactness scoring well too. It sounds like decent value for $299.99, but you'll want to read that full review before plunking down your digits.