nPower's PEG Personal Energy Generator up for pre-order, starts kinetically recharging gadgets in June

Charging battery-powered things while traveling has always been a challenge, and while there's no shortage of portable solar chargers on the market, none have exactly tickled our particular fancies. Maybe the PEG from nPower will enable us to get some juice on the go, a kinetic-based "personal energy generator" that pledges to recharge gadgets by harnessing your movement. Sadly, the company lists no actual specs for the device beyond USB 2.0 compatibility, leaving us guessing when it comes to the all-important question of "How far do I need to run with this thing to recharge my celly?" We'll find out in June when the $149 wunder-baton ships. Order now and you can get yourself a limited edition model with "First Mover" engraved on there. Better than "Late Bloomer," we suppose.

[Thanks, Daniel]