The perfect companion for those long Light Cycle trips: the 'Tron Boy' mod

Yard sales are great for two things: laughing at the ridiculous stuff some people find and bargain-priced electronics from yesteryear. In this day and age, if you come upon a yard sale that isn't trying to unload at least one Game Boy, then those people probably weren't really into portable gaming. No, really -- those people exist!

We tell you this because we have a great idea should you ever come across a Game Boy at one of these slices of Americana: the Tron Boy. The pictured mod by Thretris was created to celebrate the release of 8 Bit Weapon's Tron chiptune album (ZIP file link) and does a good job of plucking our heartstrings on two distinct fronts. It makes us pine for those days of playing Tetris on the bus to school and the first time we saw Jeff Bridges kicking some ass with a disc. Those were the days.

... great, now we have a hankerin' to play some Tetris. Thanks, Thretris!

[Via GoNintendo; Tiny Cartridge]