Apple's Seamlessly Embedded Heart Rate Monitor could turn the iPhone into a new-age mood ring

Nike is making millions from its Apple-friendly wares, designed to turned technophiles into fitness freaks. Imagine the possibilities if the iPhone could not only track your running stride but also monitor your heart rate while doing it. That's one of a suite of potential uses for this patent app from Apple, a Seamlessly Embedded Heart Rate Monitor. The design is for a series of electrodes that are, well, seamlessly embedded into the shell of a given device in such a way that they are "not visibly or haptically distinguishable on the device." The device could then, with a touch, measure heart-rate, uniquely identify a user, and even "determine the user's mood from the cardiac signals." Just imagine the new flood of EKG-related apps: iPalpitate, Murmur Maker, Cardiac Arrest... the possibilities are endless.

[Thanks, Staska]