Perfect Dark updated with new control options

Apparently, even Perfect Dark isn't perfect, as Rare and company have released an update for the XBLA port. Although the update includes a host of tweaks, the biggest change is the addition of several control options. Chief among these is the (blessed) option to lock the targeting reticle in the center of the screen.

Southpaw and legacy control options have been added as well. Beyond that, there are some Achievement fixes and a few tweaks to help match the original N64 experience. The update has also been incorporated into the trial version, so those turned off by the initial control options are able to test out the new tweaks.

Find a full list of changes after the break.

Perfect Dark changelog:

  • Legacy controls

  • Southpaw (left-handed) controls

  • Swap Triggers control option

  • Lock Sight control option

  • Precision Aim sensitivity tuning

  • Hardcore (No Radar, No Auto-Aim, No Highlights, Combat only) matchmaking playlist

  • Gamma (brightness) option

  • Secondary Fire Reset option in Combat Simulator

  • Quick Menu select using either Left or Right stick

  • Player Handicap reinstated in local multiplayer

  • Client player progress recorded in Live Co-Op game

  • Progress recorded for all primary players (main player on each console) in Live Challenges

  • Counter-Op progress recorded for both players if Jo player successfully completes the level

  • Achievement fixes including 'Tools of the Trade' (anyone who's earned but not received it will now do so), 'Who Needs Enemies' (awarded to Counter-Op player after a full mission's progress), 'How's That For Starters?' (awarded to Counter-Op player if Jo player completes first level)

  • Increased duration of explosions to better match the N64 experience

  • Laptop Gun sentry mode performance adjusted to match the N64 experience