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Motorola Droid solves Lego-encased Rubik's Cube in 24 mind-melting seconds (video)

Oh sure, you've seen your disgustingly hairy cousin solve a Rubik's Cube in 3 minutes and 13.4 seconds, and we've seen quite a few sophisticated robots do it in far less time. But in the latest episode of "Yes, Droid Really Does," we've got Motorola's darling solving a Lego-encased Cube in just over 24 seconds. Let's recap: a Droid, a Mindstorms NXT monstrosity, a Rubik's Cube and faux techno. Is there any chance you aren't clicking through to watch this video?

Update: Whoops -- had the wrong image in there somehow. Fixed now!

Update II: Drats -- the video owner removed the clip. We'll keep it embedded should it return.

Update III: It's back! Check it after the break.

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