Count The Beats: IK Multimedia announces Amplitube iRig for the iPhone

To all you guitarists out there, we know you're incredibly particular about tone when it comes to your axe and the boutique pedals you play it through. But lets be honest, every now and again it can be a little tiresome lugging that oversized pedal board, and your vintage amp, through the underground for that one-off "favour for a friend" gig. Especially when the venue won't be able to handle your tone anyway (as apposed to that sell out rockin' show you did with the guys the night before).

Well, it seems like IK Multimedia has beat Line 6 to it. Now you can leave the industrial strength cases behind in exchange for your iPhone and the iRig (of course you still need your guitar).

IK Multimedia has brought their renowned guitar and effects virtualization software to the iPhone with the iRig. For £29.99 you can purchase the iRig peripheral hardware that enables you to plug your guitar / bass into your iPhone and then your iPhone into your amp, sound desk -- whatever tickles your fancy.

The baseline iRig app is downloaded off the app store (which comprises of two stomp boxes, one amp+cabinet and two microphones). If you wish you can upgrade the app with more stomp boxes, amps+cabinets and microphones via the a-la-carte in-app purchase and download process.

We're very much looking forward to trying this out for ourselves. If the iRig plays like Amplitube does on the Mac, there are some exciting possibilities ahead, one of which being less back ache!

Check out the video after the break, or IK Multimedia's iRig website for more info.