MSI's Slatebook 10-inch Atom tablet is not what we've been waiting for

DigiTimes has it that MSI will be showcasing a 10-inch Windows 7 "Slatebook" tablet at Computex in June -- just as we had heard a few weeks ago. According to its sources which tend to be pretty solid at Taiwanese shops, the sub-$500 tablet will feature an e-book reader with a negotiated content provider, 3G and WiFi wireless, and Windows 7 running on Intel's old Menlow-class of Atom Zxx processors. It's not running Android on Tegra 2 like the unit above that we handled at CES six months prior, MSI is apparently still evaluating market demand before making any such commitment. So dear readers, why not let MSI know exactly how you feel about its design choices in the comments below.