Sony turns VAIO P into world's most expensive PS3 keyboard

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|05.11.10

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Sony turns VAIO P into world's most expensive PS3 keyboard
Yesterday we told you what we thought about the new VAIO P, an $800 conversation piece of a netbook, and now Sony is giving potential owners something else to talk about. The little laptop has been granted "Remote Keyboard" functionality, turning it into a sort of giant economy sized version of the PlayStation 3 Wireless Keypad, a device we weren't particularly fond of when we first played with it way back in 2008. Like that device, the VAIO P has a battery life that's too short and a keyboard that's uncomfortable to use, but this new ability adds one more piece of function this very form-centric laptop desperately needs. The software isn't officially available in the US yet, but we're told the Japanese version at the source link will do you just fine if you're one of the few, the proud, and the financially irresponsible rocking a VAIO P today.
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