Square mobile payment system goes live on iPhone, iPad, and Android this week (video)

We've been intrigued by the Square Payment System since it first ditched its Squirrel costume back in 2009, and now it appears we're on the eve (or eve of the eve, or pretty close anyway) to its release for not only the iPhone, but for the iPad and for Android as well. The software is said to be hitting App Stores and Markets this week, working with a sugar cube-sized card reader that pops into the 3.5mm headphone jack, a device that the company is giving away for free to those who sign up. Using it will not be free, with retailers paying fees starting at 2.75 percent plus a 15 cent surcharge, but that's considerably cheaper than many other options out there (which often require costly hardware to boot). There's another new video after the break, and we can't wait for these things to start showing up at the farmer's market. No more early morning ATM runs!

Update: Apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices are now live in their respective download abodes. None will require that you enter a single digit of your credit card.

[Thanks, Ed]