Archos 5 shown running Maemo, Android 2.0, but no Windows 3.11 yet (video)

With the Archos 5 we were shown that Android can be a legitimate media powerhouse. But, it's tough for a player to be stuck with 1.6 while other devices have already broken in their 2.1 shoes. Fear not, as the device is showing to be generally receptive to tweaks, first being an install of Maemo that seemingly runs quite well but, with no WiFi support, is something of a non-starter at this point. Also now booting is Android 2.0, a clean port that was apparently quite easily installed on the device but, sadly, doesn't work with the touchscreen, meaning it is even more useless at this point. Maybe if you're willing to lend a hand you can help to get one or the other rather more functional -- or maybe 1.6 doesn't look so bad anymore. Videos of both alt-OSes are after the break, and installation instructions are at the source links.