Comcast Xfinity iPad remote app changes channels and invites friends to watch RHONY

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts just hit the stage at The Cable Show and displayed the company's prototype iPad app, the Xfinity Remote. At least so far it doesn't appear to let you stream television programs directly to Apple's media consumption device, but it does let you turn it into a TV guide browser and remote for your set-top box that outpaces even its already released iPhone prog. They pulled in G4's Kevin Pereira for the quick video demo (embedded after the break) highlighting not only the remote DVR scheduling but also a social feature that lets you invite friends to watch live TV with you -- as long as they have Comcast, and the app, and an iPad. Of course, the innovation we'd like to see is a new UI for our cable boxes like the one shown on the iPad... or the one we saw a few years ago. So far the reaction to Facebook and Twitter chat on the screen via widgets has been mild at best, but social tie-ins to another screen could be just what our Real Housewives of New York viewing parties need.