Found Footage: Swarovski crystal Apple rainbow logo iPhone case

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Going down the Apple history path for the second time today, we thought those of you who might have a soft spot in your heart for the old "rainbow" Apple logo would love this piece of bling.

It's an iPhone case (works with 3G / 3GS) that is covered with more than 1,000 Swarovski crystal bits for that extra sparkly look. For only US$184, you can be one of only 100 people on the entire planet Earth to own one of these ostentatious blingy things. It's sparkly! Did I mention that it's sparkly?

If this got your attention and you must have one, head on over to Distinctive Style to nab one of these limited edition glittery rainbows for your very own. You know you want one. After all, it is "perfect for parties and balls," and you'll be able to "represent yourself with luxury & confidence."

[via iPhone Savior]
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