New iPhone in Vietnam spotted running iPhone OS 4? (update: it's a fake)

This is a bit of a confusing one, but we just got tipped an additional shot of this 4th generation iPhone that leaked out in Vietnam, but this time with a big twist: it appears to be running iPhone OS 4. Or at least displaying a screenshot of the new OS, with that telltale wallpaper in the background. We have no idea how this crew might've circumvented Apple's lockdown of the device, and there's always the chance this is some sort of Photoshop or other trickery. Still, a source has confirmed to us that the markings "N90 PRO2" indicate an older prototype N90 (the Apple codename for the new iPhone), which refers to "Working Prototype 2" and might possibly be easier to enable than the newer, lock tight model Gizmodo obtained. Also, despite the photo's out-of-focus nature, the display (or at least its contents) doesn't appear nearly as sharp as those previous shots we saw of the "fireball" screen. We're digging for more info as we speak, but unfortunately the original source site, Taoviet, is down right now. We'll keep you posted if we hear anything else about this image's origins.


Update: The source link is loading for us sporadically. The translated text above the shot reads: "Iphone 4G VN is distributed by the network not it? Maybe not then, we'll be the first use:" It's all so clear now!

Update 2: Woah, do these things just grow on trees? French site Be Geek has just received photos of what looks to be a third iPhone 4th gen floating around in the wild. Chances are it's of a similar build generation as the Vietnam device, since it's lacking those screws at the bottom, but it does seem to a separate device, since it's rocking a different SIM.

Update 3: Turns out this new set of photos was pulled from the same Vietnamese forum, so it seems to be the same phone. Makes sense, but we're still puzzling over that different SIM.

Update 4: Sorry, it's a Photoshop kids. This phone can't boot past DFU. %Gallery-92978%