Optimus Popularis keyboard is still on target, due next year

Is your Optimus Maximus feeling a little... dated? OLED keys just not quite doing it for you any longer? Looking for something a little different, and maybe a little smaller? That's the Popularis, a product announced just about two years ago that the good folks at Optimus would like to remind you is still progressing quite nicely. Plans are to start production later this year with a release sometime in 2011. Like the Maximus, the Popularis will have full-color keys, but they are said to not be OLED-based this time, leaving us wondering. When it was initially announced the keyboard was set to retail for the bargain price of under $1,000 but, given the rate of inflation since then, we could be looking at an MSRP closer to $1,010. Better skip today's Starbucks run.