Cisco buys MOTO Development Group to beef up consumer design chops

Cisco's already taken some big steps into the consumer market by buying the Flip cam line and releasing the Valet routers, but the company isn't done yet -- it's just acquired the MOTO Development Group, a San Francisco design house that's worked on a variety of high-profile products like Zune 2.0 and the LiveScribe Pulse. MOTO's also done some work on Android-based e-readers and MIDs that never really went anywhere, but you probably know the company best for its controversial smartphone touchscreen linearity test, which caused so much ruckus the firm actually re-did the whole thing with a robot in charge. Cisco says the MOTO crew will live in the consumer products division, alongside Linksys, Valet, and Flip, so we should see some interesting cross-pollination soon -- and based on Cisco's middling recent efforts like the Flip Slide HD, we'd even say MOTO might do well to lead a total revamp of the company's approach to consumer design. We'll see how it goes.