Wii Rowing Machine aims to sculpt abs, achieves belly laughs (video)

CTA strikes again! The company known for its unorthodox (and rather silly) game controllers is back with a plastic drawbar / foot pedal combo that is supposed to be "very similar to a rowing machine you would find at the gym," although we highly doubt it. Designed for games like Wii Sports Resort and Jillian Michaels' Angry Sports Resort, this is something that would probably only enter your home as an ill-considered Christmas gift before gathering dust in the back of a closet, alongside your Bowling Ball and Football controllers. But we must admit, even if the company's products are dubious, its infomercials are an endless source of entertainment. See for yourself after the break. As for the rowing machine, it's up for pre-order now at Amazon, as if you care.

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CTA Digital Introduces an Inventive Rowing Accessory for Wii™

CTA Digital has been leading the game accessory market with bold ideas. Their recent rowing accessory is the perfect companion for Exergaming.

BROOKLYN, NY – CTA Digital ( has introduced their latest accessory for the Nintendo Wii™, the Rowing Machine.

This rowing accessory allows Wii™ users to add some cardiovascular action to their exercises. It is a basic non-electric accessory, which is quite similar to typical rowing machines at gyms. Users can increase or decrease the resistance of their workouts by adjusting the tension knob. The base of the Rowing Machine has secure foot pedals with Velcro straps. The Wii Remote™ goes into a cradle attached to the pull bar.

This simple to setup accessory takes the experience of rowing games to another level, by adding realism and tension to the actions. Being compact, it does not take up too much space in the house, and is also easy to carry around.

Rowing exercises all major muscle groups: legs, arms, back, abdominal, and buttocks. While legs provide most of the power of the stroke, the upper body adds the rest. It adds flexibility around joints, develops endurance, increases aerobic conditioning, and burns calories faster than biking.

This Rowing Machine accessory is compatible with a number of Wii games, including Wii Fit Plus, Wii Sports Resort, Jillian Michaels Fitness, Ultimatum 2009 & 2010, and more.

The Rowing Machine for Wii will be available on Amazon ( and other retail outlets on June 27th, 2010. If you're curious about how it works, feel free to check out the video demo on Youtube: (

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