Cerevo Cam live! packs on-board USTREAM support

Japan's Cerevo already has a fairly unique product on its hands with the 3G-enabled Cerevo Cam, but it looks like it's now managed to pull one more trick out of its hat: built-in support for USTREAM live streaming. That comes in the form of the Cerevo Cam live!, which is otherwise identical to the company's previous Cerevo Cam (it'll get USTREAM support in a firmware update), and is available with an optional USTREAM kit that includes a wide-angle conversion lens, a mini tripod, and a 4GB microSD card. As for the camera itself, while livestreaming is limited to 352 x 288, you'll of course still be able to capture video up to 720p resolution and snap 9-megapixel still images, and you'll be able to upload video directly from the camera over WiFi in addition to 3G. Still no indication of a release over here, but it looks like this one's already available in Japan for a downright reasonable ¥19,999 (or about $216).

Update: As our pals from Engadget Japanese have pointed out, the camera requires a USB modem for 3G connectivity, which unfortunately can't be used for streaming video.