Facebook launches free mobile access site for emerging markets... and Denmark

Following in the footsteps of Coca-Cola, Facebook is seeking to feed your addiction with a new zero version of its online service. leads users to a stripped down, text-only version of the social site, which will incur no data charges from your carrier. Of course, you won't be able to access any other sites or rich media without paying for it, but at least the core functionality of reading your friends' witty status updates and writing satirical responses will be there free of charge. This service is being rolled out primarily in the so-called emerging markets, though more mature environments like Belgium, Denmark and Finland are also present on the list (available after the break). SFR in France, 3 in the UK, and Australia's Telstra are also going to be joining in soon. Guess it's just a matter of finding a pliable carrier to accede to offering the minimal bandwidth necessary in exchange for being Liked by Facebookers.