White front plate looks all set and ready for next-gen iPhone, or not

As our extensive KIRF library shows, China's one wild country that can make almost anything you don't want, so don't mind us while we inspect this new finding with extra caution. This particular Chinese online seller not only claims to have parts for the next-gen iPhone, but also one white face plate -- something not seen on iPhones thus far. While we drool over the thought of an all white Apple handheld, there are still questions to be answered here: the seller wasn't able to explain what that silver bit above the speaker is, nor have we seen white back plates to match this. Furthermore, we were given a "maybe" for a bulk order of 15 to 20 units, which is quite a lot for something that's not even out yet, but we were told over the phone that there's always a back door to Foxconn as long as you wave cash at someone. Not that you should engage in such risky business, plus this piece's authenticity will be revealed in about three weeks' time, anyway. One more shot after the break.

[Thanks, Francesco]