PS3's Torne digital TV tuner / DVR adapter gets 2.00 software update next month

Japan hasn't had a lot of time to get used to the PlayStation 3's Torne digital TV tuner since it launched in March, but it's already getting an update which will add a few more DVR features to improve the experience. Coming in June, v2.00 will enable MPEG-4 AVC compression to squeeze HDTV recordings by as much as 3x their original size as opposed to just copying the original MPEG-2 stream even while playing a game, plus the ability to start watching a program and fast forward/reverse while it's still recording and update the user's PSN status. The free update will be issued in June, until then Torne fans can argue with European and Australian PlayTV owners about whether or not their new features are better than Facebook integration while the U.S. sits out like the ginger kid of a previous marriage it is.