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Fujitsu's quantum dot laser fires data at 25Gbps, not just for show

Fujitsu just announced what's reportedly the world's first quantum dot laser capable of 25 gigabits per second of data transmission. Go on -- there's no need to hold your applause. Now, we've seen lasers beam packets at 1.2 terabits per second over miles of open ground, and up to 15.5Tbps through a fat optical pipe, so why would a measly 25Gbps attract our attention? Only because we hear that the IEEE is hoping to create a 100Gbps ethernet standard by 2010 (that's now!) and four of Fujitsu's new nanocrystal lasers bundled together just so happen to fulfill that requirement. It also doesn't hurt that the company's quantum dot solution reportedly uses less electricity than the competition, and that Fujitsu has a spin-off firm -- QD Laser -- champing at the bit to commercialize the technology. All in all, this tech seems like it might actually take off... assuming early adopters are more successful than major corporations at deploying the requisite fiber. Either that, or we'll just enjoy some seriously speedy displays and external drives, both of which sound downright delightful in their own right.