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Nokia N8 launching August 24, we hear; Amazon Germany taking €470 pre-orders

We know, we know, you were banking on taking an N8 with you when you go summering in Cape Cod in July, but that might be a tall order because we're hearing from a trusted source that August 24 has been pegged as the big release date for Nokia's Symbian^3-powered beast. Pricing had already been announced at €370 ($465), but if you're interested in shedding an extra hundred for no apparent reason, Amazon Germany is now officially taking pre-orders for €469.50 ($590) in black -- just one of the five N8 shades Espoo will be pushing around the world. We think we'd recommend holding off on signing up for Amazon's enticing deal here, quite honestly -- especially considering the magnetic attraction we've got to that totally unapologetic orange version.

[Thanks, Al]