WiMAX-equipped ThinkPad Mini 10 visits FCC

Submitted in late April and available for public consumption today, here's an exciting little FCC disclosure from Lenovo. It's that mysterious ThinkPad Mini 10 creature we've been seeing prowling the Australian outback, this time showing up as a test mule for Lenovo's new WiMAX module. The antennae in this submission are likely headed for retail inside things like the almost identical X100e and the rest of Lenovo's US line. We're liking this trend of seeing netbooks and subnotebooks leaving the factory with WiMAX already integrated, but do beware the price premium that'll come attached. Lenovo already asks for $150 extra to stick a Gobi 2000 3G chip in a ThinkPad X100e, we don't expect the 4G option to be any less dear, but we can at least expect it soon(ish).

[Thanks, Vance]