Waging WAR: Community guide to Warhammer Online

So here it is: the first installment of Waging WAR, a weekly column about Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Every Saturday, the column will deliver the latest in information, press news, stories, debates, and more about WAR. What happened in Praag this week? Are they serious about such-and-such going live with the next patch? Are Shadow Warriors fixed yet?

As it is with all new Massively game-specific columns, Waging WAR is launching with a community guide for fans of the game -- old-schoolers, re-enlistees, and new-comers alike -- to use as a collective resource of links and information about WAR. Join us after the break to check it out!

Official Site
The first site to take a look at is the main website itself. It is simply chock-full of goodies and information about the game. Here, you can find other links that are internally relevant to the game, detailed descriptions about the various careers that you can play, and other useful pages such as account management and server status.

Official Forums
From the main site, you can click over to the game's official forums where you can discuss anything from the latest patch to go live, patches on the test server, career discussions and anything in between. These forums weren't always around, as they were added a bit after launch.

WAR Herald
If the rumor-mill sounds too good to be true, or you just can't believe what someone is trying to tell you about WAR, you can also visit the official Herald to get the latest news from the developers of the game themselves.

Realm War
The Realm War is an official site that allows players to investigate the current RvR state of the available realms, search character and guild profiles, and check the leader-boards for a listing of those players and characters who have achieved greatness in WAR.

Warhammer Alliance
The Warhammer Alliance has been viewed for a long time as the unofficial-official fan-site for WAR with its own vast forum network and set of community resources. In fact, many of the longer-term supporters and players of the game were registered at WHA before they ever got involved on the official WAR forum. That said, it should be noted that the WHA is currently undergoing some legal issues with Games Workshop and that their future is uncertain in that regard.

European Fansites
Similarly, WAR has a strong European fan-base. For those playing on, or considering subscribing to EU servers, here is a great list of fan-sites that you might enjoy outside of North America.

There used to be so many more podcasts out there when the game first came out; however, it seems most, if not all, have disappeared. If you're out there, let us know by leaving a comment so we can keep you listed in this guide!

WAR Production Video Podcast
Every month the development team puts together a podcast highlighting the latest and greatest developments coming down the pipeline for WAR.

For everything else WAR-related, there are several knowledge-bases. Each of the following provides a robust and complete chronicle of the game, quests, items, NPCs, lore and official game history that is sure to entertain and inform.

The WarWiki is a great source for basic information about the game as well as the lore that fills out the background and brings the game to life.

Warhammer Vault
This wiki contains some excellent career and profession guides as well as a quest and item database. The WAR Vault at IGN also has forums and a collection of other tools, links and resources for players of WAR to use.

The WarDB is a Curse-built and maintained website that offers a great selection of tools related to WAR, including mastery and renown calculators for all the careers; an item, quest, ability and NPC database; and maps. The WarDB also has a character and guild look-up similar to the Realm War official look-ups, with the caveat that it will only show players and users of their Curse add-on.

Curse WAR Addons
Curse has been a long-time trusted provider of addons for many MMOs available today, including WAR. Here, you'll find UI tweaks and tools of all sorts for all occasions.

So there it is. Although it may be fairly comprehensive, there are sure to be a few priceless, yet missing elements that make the guide complete. If you have any suggestions please let us know by dropping a comment and we'll be sure to keep this guide up-to-date as WAR continues to grow and evolve. You're also welcome to send me feedback and questions at: greg at massively dot com. Until next week, remember: the only good Squig Herder is... well... there isn't one.