HTC Hengshan and Huashan Windows phones make another online cameo (update)

Ross Miller
R. Miller|05.23.10

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HTC Hengshan and Huashan Windows phones make another online cameo (update)
The Android-powered Vision isn't HTC's only possible user agent-borne leak from this week. Now comes word of two potential Windows Phone 7 devices , the HuaShan and T5588 HengShan. The former has a 480 x 800 screen (no obvious relation to the Mondrian spotted yet) while the latter sports the more typical 320 x 480. Beyond that and an apparent lack of physical keyboards, we're kind of in the dark here -- assuming this turns out to be legit, but those names popped up previously on a roadmap with a 4.3-inch / 3.4-inch screen size, respectively. At any rate, whether or not it's this pair, we definitely have at least some HTC Windows Phone 7 devices to look forward to by the end of 2010.

Update: Perhaps we spoke too soon on the platform of choice -- as WMExperts points out, other parts of the profile hint at not Windows Phone 7, but actually the soon-to-be classic Windows Mobile 6.5.3. Enthusiasm lowered? Ours, too.
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