NVIDIA: Intel's Moorestown is like an elephant on a diet, iPad set bar too low

Leave it to NVIDIA to kick off the week with some good old Intel trash talking. Let's start with the company's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, who when asked if the Atom Z6 processor could be competitive, quickly responded with a "not possible." Why? Well, if you ask him, "you could give an elephant a diet but it's still an elephant." He called out the Z6's x86 roots and being behind Tegra in wattage -- he claims it will be years before they can reach the power levels of the ARM based chip. That's certainly an interesting analogy, but NVIDIA product director Bill Henry also has a way with words. When talking about Tegra versus Atom in tablets at the Netbook Summit, he said Intel was trying to put the power of a dump truck into a Tonka toy. Oh, but the strikes weren't only at Intel -- Henry added that the "iPad set the bar too low" and cited the typical lack of Flash and inability to handle 1080p video shortcomings of Apple's tablet. That all sounds good and well, NVIDIA, but it's time to stop talking and start showing some real Tegra 2 phones and tablets.