Four more major laptop manufacturers will use NVIDIA Optimus by the fall

It's no secret that we've been big fans of NVIDIA's automatic graphics switching Optimus technology, but we've had one major complaint -- there's just not enough systems with it on the market. While ASUS has been employing the technology in most of its new systems, others, like Lenovo and HP, have been quite tight-lipped on the GPU tech. But apparently that's about to change. When we crossed paths with NVIDIA's Vice President of Worldwide Sales Rene Haas at the Netbook Summit, he revealed that at least four more major manufacturers will be using Optimus by the end of the summer. He wouldn't share any details on brands, but he did say that there should be a total of 50 Optimus lappies on the market by the fall. Of course, we don't know how many of those will be made by ASUS or will be Ion 2 netbooks, but it surely looks like the momentum is growing, and we're hoping to learn more at Computex next week. Fingers crossed that we can count the Alienware M11x among them.