Sony PSN+ rumors thicken for E3: new features for paid users, free users can still play online

Our BFFs over at Joystiq have what seems to be a pretty solid line on PSN+, with multiple sources verifying features mostly in line with what was gleaned from that survey last year. Lucky for us, most of the features seem to have to do with giving new features to paying users, instead of taking away functionality from the existing free service. Notables include exclusive DLC, PSP Minis, and PSone Classics, "first hour" demo access, Sony Protection Plan service, and cross-game voice chat. The sources seem to be less clear on pricing for all these goodies, but someone tossed out a speculative $9.99. What everyone does seem to agree on is that we should be seeing this announced in full at Sony's E3 media briefing a few weeks from now, so start stashing those Hamiltons!