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Aiptek leads the affordable 3D camcorder rush with its i2

Aiptek has certainly done its part to lower the prices of consumer electronics like pico projectors and pocket-sized camcorders, and now it looks set to destabilize the 3D camcorder market -- a market that doesn't even properly exist yet, with only Fujifilm's $600 FinePix Real 3D W1 filling the need. Aiptek was showing off its i2 camcorder, a Flip-like device (even with a pop-out USB connector) that has been augmented with a second five megapixel CCD. It's capable of recording 720p video and is set to retail for about $250, making it a relative bargain. The camera is set to launch in Asia in July, where we figure it'll take about 30 seconds for someone to paint one up like Domo Kun.