Archos 8 Home Tablet just a 7-inch display according to FCC docs

Get a load of that bezel. With chunk like that we can only be looking at the Archos 8 Home tablet, a device that just lumbered its way through the FCC in a rather unflattering (even for the FCC) photo spread. Archos calls its Model 7800 an Android MID throughout the government docs, but given the bezel-to-display ratio we're guessing it'll pull primary duty as a $199 picture frame with the ability to track down the occasional recipe over WiFi. Other details include the same plodding Rockchip RK2808 SoC found in the Archos 7 Home Tablet and a HSD070IDW1 resistive touchscreen display from Hannstar with 800x480 pixel resolution, 25ms response, 500:1 contrast, 200/300 nits brightness, and poor 140-degree left-right and 110-degree up-down viewing angles -- easy to see where Archos cut out the cost, eh? Oh, and get this, Hannstar says that its display is 7-inches, not 8-inches as Archos claims. Either Archos made a mistake in its FCC submission or the company is hoping to mask reality with that giant plastic border.