Devotec rolls out updated Solar Sound 2 Bluetooth speaker

Devotec's new Solar Sound 2 Bluetooth speaker may look nearly identical to the original model we got our hands on last year, but the company assures us that it has in fact been "re-designed from the ground up," and promises that it'll give you a whole lot more for the slightly higher $99.99 price tag. The biggest advantage, it seems, is some significantly better sound thanks to some new and improved speaker cones, silver plated oxygen free copper speaker cabling, and a more efficient power circuit that promises to "get even more juice to the amp and speakers." You'll also get some new gold-plated connectors on the unit itself, along with an integrated line-out, and a slightly larger battery that should give you between five and ten hours of use (compared to eight at most before). Head on past the break for the full press release, and hit up the source link below to get your order in if you like.

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Pioneering Music Mobility with a Green Conscience:

A complete upgrade of the first solar powered Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

The new and improved Solar Sound 2 portable speakers launches today,
thanks to leading independent consumer technology company, Devotec

Devotec has worked hard to build upon the success of the original Solar
Sound, a compact, portable stereo speaker system that can play music
wirelessly via Bluetooth while charging its battery from the integrated
solar panel.

The new Solar Sound 2 has been re-designed from the ground up, primarily
to offer even better sound quality, with a louder maximum volume and less
distortion at higher volume levels. Sound quality has been improved by the
use of specialty woven speaker cones, silver plated oxygen free copper
speaker cabling and a more efficient power circuit to get even more juice
to the amp and speakers. This sets the Solar Sound 2 apart not only from
laptop and Mp3 speakers, but also from the low response of traditional
portable stereo speakers.

Flexibility is key, and the Solar Sound 2 now has an integrated line-out
function, as well as its super simple set up procedure that can have
people streaming music from their phones in seconds. Playing music from a
traditional headphone/3.5mm jack is even better now as all connectors on
the unit itself and the included external cabling are gold plated, leading
to enhanced music playback when using the cable option.

With the larger integrated battery, playing time should be a healthy 5-10
hours dependent on volume. But the best part is that with the embedded
solar panel and efficient charging system, the unit can play continuously
when in the sun, even if the battery hasn't got any charge.

Compatibility works like a charm, as the Solar Sound 2 works with almost
every model of phone that has Bluetooth and the A2DP profile; iPhones,
Nokias, Blackberries and more.

Designed with travel in mind, it boasts a compact size (16.5 x 5.5 x 5.5
cm), light weight (280g/0.5lbs) and a 3.5mm retractable cable for added
connectivity, an AC-DC plug and charging cable. Furthermore, the unit's
sleek design offers additional features such as modern touch screen remote
controls, including forward, rewind and volume, in addition to a built in
microphone allowing it to be used for hands free communication when

Alex Devoto, Devotec Industries founder and CEO, said: "We really listened
to what reviewers and customers had to say about the original Solar Sound.
We took that advice (special thanks to John R and Steve J for their
emails) and went back to the design stage trying to take all the things
people had loved about the Solar Sound, but adding the extra features
users asked for, as well as using even higher quality components that have
become available since the Solar Sound design stage." Devoto continued:
"We strive to stay one step ahead of the marketplace. We are engineers at
heart and keep our eye on consumer trends to design products best set to
meet the lifestyles of our customers." He finished: "With the majority of
people storing their music on either their phone or iPod, the Solar Sound
2 responds to consumer demand for higher quality sound from portable music
devices and laptops, and steps away from the "tinny" noise associated with
direct laptop and phone speakers."

The unit, including a stylish protective case, is available at from today. Devotec Industries has
ensured it continues to deliver quality and value with the Solar Sound 2
available at $99.99/£69.99, underpinning all current market offerings.

The Solar Sound 2 will become the must have travel accessory this summer.