Wii Weighted Gloves turns gamer into virtual badass, actual outcast

We're beginning to encounter an odd psychological effect of too much exposure to CTA's wild and wacky game accessories. It's almost as if we've developed some strange variant of Stockholm Syndrome that's tricked us into believing that the Weighted Gloves for Wii are worth twenty bucks. At least the premise makes sense -- strap your Wiimote and Wii Nunchuk into these weighted gloves and start in on your fave boxing game. The space-age velcro fasteners will hold your controllers tightly in place as you throw punches and dodge jabs with the best of 'em. And if you really want an out-of-this-world experience, try it while wearing wings! Get a closer look after the break.

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CTA Digital Launches Weighted Gloves for Wii

With the release of the Weighted Gloves for Wii, users can now pack punches without constantly worrying about the controllers.

BROOKLYN, NY – CTA Digital ( has introduced a new accessory for the Nintendo® Wii™, the Weighted Gloves.

These Weighted Gloves are designed to add more realism to boxing matches, where users can focus on their movements rather than worrying about holding the remotes. The gloves come with a custom fit Wii remote holder on the right glove, and a custom fit nunchuck holder on the left. The holders are flexible enough to place and remove the controllers with ease, and yet tight enough to make sure the remotes don't fall out during the game.

These gloves allow you to make a fist, and have your fingers and thumbs free in case you need to press any buttons. The additional weight in the gloves is that of sand. With this added weight, users also get to exercise and build muscle while playing their favorite boxing games on the Wii.

There is a Velcro closure on the wrist to assist in wearing the gloves and keeping them securely attached while playing. The neoprene material all around the glove is soft and comfortable on the hands, allowing users to play for extended hours without tiring.

"There have been a few accessories that have been made that really do feel like you are boxing against a strong foe", said Michael Kerner when reviewing this product for the first time.

The Weighted Gloves for Wii can be used with or without the Motion Plus attachment, and are compatible with all Wii boxing related games, including Punch Out™, Wii Sports™ and more.

They are available for ordering on Amazon ( and other retail outlets.

About CTA Digital:

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