Acer launches on Revo family of multimedia devices

Content is king. That's a given in a world now dominated by me-too devices. That's why Acer is launching, software meant to ease the process of sharing and playing your media -- be it pictures, recorded TV, eBooks and music -- over a variety of devices including Acer notebooks, desktops and smartphones connected to your home network. Content can be stored centrally and then easily distributed to any compatible device via the console. Acer's Revo family sits at the heart of the network, a suite of devices that includes the Revo multimedia center, RevoView media player, and RevoCenter home storage appliance.

The Revo all-in-one media center (pictured) comes packing a funky RevoPad wireless controller with touch-sensitive backlit QWERTY keyboard that turns into a multi-gesture touchpad with a click. Sorry, no specs yet on that. The RevoView is a set-top media player that plugs into the TV and home theater sound system. It can play content from USB, hard disk, flash cards, optical disk, or UPnP compatible devices. It also features a hard drive that can be swapped with Aspire M Series desktop PCs and the Acer RevoCenter -- a compact NAS supporting UPnP streaming and up to four hot-swappable SATA disks. Check the press release and pics of the RevoPad and RevoView after the break.

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Acer Revo Family
The Building Blocks of Acer
2010-05-27 - The Building Blocks of Acer
The best part of Acer solution is that it can grow and change accordingly to your needs. Using the devices of the Revo family as building blocks you can add any of them and create the environment that best meet your own desires and requirements. The Acer Revo family includes Acer Revo multimedia center, Acer RevoView media player and Acer RevoCenter, a home storage appliance.

Acer Revo is an all-in-one multimedia center that gives the ultimate personal theater experience in your living room. Slim and elegant, it is graced by a contemporary design and finish with the added convenience of the innovative wireless remote control. The RevoPad allows effortless media control and seamless navigation through a double functionality: a touch-sensitive backlit QWERY keyboard, that turns into a multi-gesture touchpad simply with a click. Acer Revo comes equipped with Acer console, the advanced Acer solution that delivers all you need to enjoy HD videos and movies, view your latest photos, play your favourite music or share your medias with your online communities.

Acer RevoView makes enjoying digital content on a high-definition TV easy and intuitive – no complex device settings, burning DVDs, or connecting a computer to the TV. This HD media player has a compact design with a matte black finish and a large power button emitting blue light for easy operation even in the dark. It can be connected directly to your TV, without need of complex set up, plus rear and side ports allow easy connection to surround sound speaker systems to enjoy an immersive entertainment. The handy remote control combined with the friendly UI to provide easy access, browsing and playing of your media library.

Supporting an extensive range of media formats, the Acer RevoView can play content from a host of devices: USB, HDD, storage cards, optical disc, and UPnP mass storage media. What's more, the easy swappable hard disk drive can be easily changed to play a different set of media and can be shared with the 2010 Aspire M Series desktop PC and Acer RevoCenter.
The HDMI™ port enables high-definition 1080p video and music playback. And to complete your media enjoyment, connect to the Internet to view Flickr® and Picasa™ photo slideshows on a big screen.

The Acer RevoCenter is a wonderfully compact and quiet home appliance that lets you store, protect and share your growing digital library with family and friends. Thanks to UPnP support all connected devices can easily access all media contents stored in the large hard disk space.

And what's more, with the Acer RevoCenter you can stream digital media content to multiple applications or DLNA compliant devices. Up to four hot-swappable Serial ATA hard disk drives offer plenty of space for your ever growing collection of pictures, movies, videos, games and documents. Ready to take its place at the heart of your digital home and let you share files on your home network, the Acer RevoCenter can be remotely accessed so you can connect to your server anytime, anywhere and upload or download files. Storage space can be increased by simply adding internal or external hard disk drives, while hassle-free PC and file backup along with a smart recovery process make sure your files are safe and sound.

Pictures, video or data files can be easily uploaded to the Acer RevoCenter directly from your portable devices. All you need to do is connect the device through the USB port and press the one-touch backup button. Data is automatically sorted and stored by file type into folders of your choice.