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Apple iPad launches globally: lines form to the left, gauche, izquierda, hidari... (updated)

Hey, it's May 28th somewhere, and for all those places, the iPad is now officially launched -- not that the UK cares anymore, cake was served early across the pond. Keep tabs on data prices, check out the app store, and be sure to let us know your launch day experiences below!

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: We've got our first queue pictures popping up and are adding them in after the break. Keep them coming, guys!

Update 2: We've heard direct from Best Buy that the iPad is today on sale in its Thurrock branch, and also in the brand new Hedge End outlet, which opened today in Southampton.

Read - AFP (Australia)
- Reuters (Japan)

Manchester, England, in the early hours of the night. Thanks, Manas.

Zurich, Switzerland. This is what the Apple Store's looking 90 minutes after opening. Thanks, Alexandre.

Outside London's Regent Street Store. Thanks, Richard and Matthew.

Toronto, Canada, just before the doors opening. Thanks, Daniel.